Enter The Wonderful World of The Marvellous Mr Green

The Wonderful World of The Marvellous Mr Green

 Take a spin with the Marvellous Mr Green!

We’re celebrating the launch of the Marvellous Mr Green video Slot, a fun, fast, colourful slot with fantastic Game Spin Multipliers that are absolutely MARVELLOUS!

Over the next 10-Days, Mr Green has 5,000 in Cash to give away that’s too Marvellous to miss plus extra spin offers on the weekend of the Slot launch!

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icon_1_42x42px Marvellous Game Spins

Deposit and Play to get EXTRA SPINS for the launch weekend of The Marvellous Mr Green. Valid between the 25th and 27th July.

  • Get 5 EXTRA SPINS for 20 – 49 Deposited and played this weekend
  • Get 15 EXTRA SPINS for 50 – 199 Deposited and played this weekend
  • Get 50 EXTRA SPINS for 200+ Deposited and played this weekend

The total amount deposited and wagered over the weekend will count towards the total number of Spins credited. The Spins will be credited on Monday 28th July after 1pm. Bonus cash must be turned over 35 times (x35) in accordance with Mr Green bonus terms and conditions.

icon_2_42x42px 5000 in Marvellous Tournaments!

Over the next 10 days, Mr Green will be featuring three marvellous tournaments with a total cash fund of €5000.

Tournament 1: Friday 25th until Sunday 27th July 2014.

  • 2000 TOURNAMENT on the MARVELLOUS MR GREEN video slot.
  • The TOP 10 Players will win Cash Prizes
  • The player’s highest percentage win over 20 consecutive spins/rounds will determine their position on the leader board.
  • Minimum qualifying stake per spin is €0.20. Wagers lower than €0.20 will not count towards the leader board ranking.
  • Prizes: 1st = €1000 | 2nd = €500 | 3rd = €125 | 4th = €75 | 5th to 10th= €50
  • Winners: Tournament 1 Winners will be announced here on Monday 28th July.

Tournament Winners:
Jan D, Kim J, Kent L, Morten K, Patrick G, Uwe K, Leonill M, Elisabeth P, Andreas B and Agnet L

Tournament 2: Monday 28th July until Friday 1st August 2014.

  • 2000 TOURNAMENT on the MARVELLOUS MR GREEN video slot.
  • The TOP 10 Players will win Cash Prizes
  • The player’s highest percentage win over 20 consecutive spins/rounds will determine their position on the leader board.
  • Minimum qualifying stake per spin is €0.20. Wagers lower than €0.20 will not count towards the leader board ranking.
  • Prizes: 1st =€1000 | 2nd = €500 | 3rd = €125 | 4th = €75 | 5th – 10th = €50
  • Winners: Tournament 2 Winners will be announced here on Monday 4th August.


Tournament 3: Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd August 2014.

  • 1000 TOURNAMENT on the MARVELLOUS MR GREEN video slot.
  • The TOP 10 Players will win Cash Prizes
  • The total number of valid game rounds completed will determine the player leader board position.
  • Minimum qualifying stake per spin is €0.20. Wagers lower than €0.20 will not count towards the leader board ranking.
  • Prizes: 1st = €500 | 2nd = €120 | 3rd = €80 | 4th = €60 | 5th – 10th = €40
  • Winners: Tournament 2 Winners will be announced here on Monday 4th August.

icon_3_42x42px Extra Marvellous Bonuses

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Edge of Space Flight – Day 2


Mr Green Online Casino takes one lucky player to the edge of space

Getting ready to take to the sky courtesy of Mr Green Online Casino

Tell me you’ve never wanted to be Maverick in Top Gun? Ah, I can hear the music playing now – Take my breath awayyyyyyyyy!

Today was the day of the flight; just Björn, a MIG 29: Fulcrum, an experienced Russian fighter pilot and a 70,000 foot drop!

Irena was Björn and Johan’s guide and translator for the day, an early pick up and they were off to Sokol military base for flight prep. Interesting fact, Sokol military base has been constructing fighter jets since the 20’s and at one point during WWII, it was churning out one jet every hour!

After a thorough medical exam, Björn met up with his pilot for a pre-flight briefing which lasted an hour. It was then time to gear up which included a fitting for a special high-altitude pressure suit and climbing into the cockpit of the jet that would very shortly be traveling at Mach 2+, that’s over 1500 mph!

Mr Green Online Casino takes one lucky player to the edge of space

Where’s the ejector seat on this thing?

“I was so nervous but the instructor was cool and serious, it was like being part of a military mission and we were about to go into combat, but as soon as we took off, my nervousness just disappeared… just like the ground!”

Afterburners ignited, Björn’s trip to the Edge of Space began. The MIG hit supersonic speeds in a matter of moments and was 17km above the Earth in a matter of seconds.

I could see the curvature of the Earth, entire continents in the distance and just to my right, the darkness of outer space… absolutely mind-blowing and incredibly beautiful.”

Then the crazy part started!

On the way back down the MIG did loops, barrel rolls and high speeds turns at full speed, the pilot gave Björn a once in a lifetime experience… we’re also sure that he was trying to make Björn black out from the g-force.

It was so amazing I just forgot how high we were and how fast we were going, at the edge of space everything just slows down but as soon as we started descending, speed was the least of my problems. I’ve seen air shows before but to actually sit in the plane and feel the g-force on my body as the plane twists and turns through the stunts… it’s like being run over by a car and I think I passed out at one point!

Actually you did pass out Björn and we got it all on video for everyone to watch very soon.

When the jet touched down, Björn looked a little worse for wear but a beaming smile made it clear that a lifelong Dream had come true and we had one happy Swede. It was then time to head back to the hotel for a little R&R.

Tomorrow, Björn gets a nice relaxing guided tour of the city (a nice slow tour of the city) taking in all the cultural sites before heading to the Russian capital – Moscow!

Check out Day 1 here

“Will you sponsor us?”

Play with Mr Green Casino

Mr Green kicks on with Bohemian FC

With Mr Green’s innovative sponsorship of Bohemian FC generating a lot of interest, Daniel Lambert from the club gives  an overview of the very unusual history of football sponsorship and its importance to the club.

A sponsors name emblazoned on a football shirt is commonplace today at all levels of the game. This wasn’t always the case; shirt sponsors had a staggered and sometimes difficult entry into the world. Most football historians credit Uruguayan club Peñarol with having the first jersey sponsorship in the mid-1950s. Closer to home, a small number of clubs in France, Denmark and Austria tried to introduce the concept shortly afterwards with limited success and often staunch opposition from associations and leagues.

The first major European league to formally accept the practice was the German Bundesliga in 1973 following the actions of club Eintracht Braunschweig. Günter Mast, nephew of Jagermeister creator Curt Mast had the brainwave of placing the German liqueur’s famous stag and glowing cross logo on the clubs jerseys, however the German football association refused permission. To circumvent the ban the Eintracht players voted to replace their traditional logo with the Jagermeister logo, thereby rendering the association powerless to stop it. On March 23, 1973, the team made its debut against Schalke in its new kit, and seven months later, the Bundesliga relented and officially sanctioned jersey sponsorship.

Bohemians made their own history being the first club to introduce a main kit sponsor in either the UK or Ireland thanks to Bohs legend Tony O’Connell. It was his company, Jodi, which was first appeared on the kit on December 26, 1975 when Bohs beat Athlone Town 4-3 in the Leinster Senior Cup final. At this time another Bohs legend, Turlough O’Connor, was the sales manager for Jodi. The first UK based team to move to jersey sponsorship was Kettering Town who followed Bohemians lead by placing Kettering Tyres on their shirts for a game in January 1976. However the English FA immediately ordered the club to remove the sponsor which they duly did, with the ruling not being revoked until June 1977 when ironically Kettering could no longer find a sponsor.

The nature of the relationship between the main shirt sponsor and the football club has come a long way since those uncertain early days. Although still represented on the front of a team kit, the sponsor and the club are now recognised as intrinsic partners. This has predominantly been driven by technological advances in the past 10 years. Sponsors have quickly embraced this new reality and finding innovative and unique ways to differentiate a sponsorship agreement is now a must.

From the Bohemian FC commercial perspective, sponsors play a critical role in supporting the operation of the club. Total commercial income represents a significant percentage of the overall income in the course of a playing season. The main jersey sponsor is the commercial ‘face’ of the club.

Mr Green Online Casino sponsor Bohs

As part of the sponsorship agreement with Mr Green Online casino, Bohs wear their new green strip for all away games

Bohs have had a number of main sponsors in recent years and a return to such long-term partnerships is a key goal. The club has formed an excellent partnership with new main sponsor, Mr Green Online Casino, with the partnership very much reflective of the new dynamic nature of sports sponsorship and represents much more than just their logo on the famous jersey. The partnership has been innovative and unique to League of Ireland football. There’s the new green away kit. While the stadium branding, rather than just their company name and logo, have Bohs / football-centric slogans which are tied to the Mr Green Casino brand; ‘Betting on Red & Black”, ‘Play at Home or Away’, ‘Red Card! Could be a Winner’. Mr Green has worked closely with Bohs on social media strategies with the reintroduction of the Man of the Match Awards at each home game, where you get involved via Twitter (#MrGreenMOTM) and fans have the chance to win the match ball. There’s also Facebook fan competitions, including the chance to train with the team.

What about the motivations of a sponsor? Why do they choose one sport over another, one club over another or even sponsorship at all? Gavin Flood, Country Manager for Ireland with Mr Green gave his thoughts on this. “We want to be the number one online Casino operator in Ireland. To achieve that you need to put down strong roots in the market through prominent partnerships which is what sponsorship allows you to do. Beyond that, you are looking to work with a partner who is respected, ambitious, innovative, and entertaining… and Bohemian FC tick all of those boxes for us. It’s been a great partnership so far.” Club President Matt Devaney chipped in with the view from the club, adding: “This partnership has helped the club financially. Beyond that, the energy, focus and commitment to develop a true partnership that Mr Green has brought to the table have helped to strengthen our position as one of the biggest and most recognisable clubs in Irish football.

Player’s perspectives on main jersey sponsors are often overlooked, but it’s they who wear the kit week in week out after all. Karl Moore spoke openly about his opinions on club main sponsors. “The players notice and appreciate it as we know its really important to the club.” Karl was enthuasiastic with one specific element of Mr Green’s support that saw all players receive two complimentary pairs of green boots: “We’re only too happy to help Mr Green kick on in the Irish market!!”

Things have come a long way since Jagermeister…


Back in January of this year, Mr Green put a plan into action to make Dreams come true for his Casino players by giving away weekly Dream prizes – from an African Safari and Diving the Great Barrier Reef to tearing up the race track in a selection of Aston Martins. But one lucky player would also be chosen to either take an all-expenses paid trip Around the World or brave dizzying heights in a Jet Flight to the Edge of Space… and the Edge of Space is exactly what our winner chose!

Mr Green Space Flight Winner Bjorn in RussiaWhen Mr Green’s team first contacted Björn from Sweden and informed him that he had won, Björn actually told us that he was extremely scared of heights (off to a good start then) but was psyched about strapping himself into a supersonic jet to see the world in a way that only highly trained fighter pilots and astronauts can! Yesterday, Björn’s adventure began.

DAY 1:
It was an early start to the day for Björn and his travel companion, Johan. In order to visit the Edge of Space, Björn would first have to travel from Malmö Sweden to his final destination, a former secret airbase in Nizhny, Novgorod, Russia. After a number of transfers and some Russian security checks, Björn and Johan finally arrived in Russia and settled into their Hotel in town close to the airbase.


With time to kill, Björn and his friend set out into the city to take in some of the local Russian scenery and culture. If Russians are known for one thing, it’s their love of statues and monuments to old war heroes; but without a guide, it proved difficult to know exactly who and what they were looking at, but it was pretty impressive all the same. (Not to worry Björn, after your flight we have a fully guided tour in store just for you.)

With rumbling bellies, it was finally time to tuck into some local Russian grub. So at lunch time they paid a visit to a cute little restaurant close to their hotel.
With no English, let alone Swedish speakers in the place, ordering their food was a small game of charades with plenty of pointing, hand gestures and laughing. But in the end, the waitress got the order right and a freshly prepared Chicken Caesar Salad with Dill

In the afternoon they went down to the Volga Beach for a cold beer. The hotel is located just a stone’s throw from the river and the Volga itself is an amazing beach and a relaxing place.

To conclude their first day in Russia, a dip in the hotel pool and a session in the sauna calmed some last-minute nerves before Björn’s all-important super-sonic flight the following day!

Beach in Russia

We definitely plan to visit again.

Tomorrow, Björn sits down for his flight briefing and medical check before donning his flight suit. Will Björn chicken out or will we see our first Mr Green player at the Edge of Space?

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