Mr Green’s Christmas Calendar


Dashing through the snow; here comes Mr Green with his marvellous Christmas Calendar! Celebrate 30 days of festive fun with 775 Free Spins, €30,000 in Cash Prizes & 20 iPhone 6s.

Fill your stocking with Cash Drops every Thursday and outrun Santa and the other elves in the weekend Slot Tournaments. Unwrap daily Bonus Spins on the Christmas Calendar to reveal which game your Spins are waiting in. Plus every week Mr Green will reward 5 lucky players with the MUST-HAVE gadget of the year - the iPhone 6.


Any questions?

Don’t worry, Mr Green’s elves have answers for everything – just click on the questions below:

+ When does the Christmas Calendar run?
You can enjoy FOUR weeks of festive fun with daily Free Spins, Cash Drops, Tournaments and much more! Mark the following dates in your calendar, so you won’t miss out on any of your daily gifts.
Week 1: November 24th - November 30th
Week 2:December 1st - December 7th
Week 3:December 8th - December 14th
Week 4: December 15th - December 21st
Week 5: December 22nd, 23rd and 24th
+ How many Free Spins can I earn over 30 days?
Unwrap up to 775 Free Spins over 30 days of festive fun! The amount and value of your Free Spins will depend on the total deposited amount each week:

  • Get 10 Free Spins each day, when you deposit €25 – €49
  • Get 25 Free Spins each day, when you deposit €50 or more
+ How do I get my Free Spins in Week 1?
You’re on Mr Green’s ‘Nice List’ if you have deposited more than €20 with Mr Green over the past year (12 months). Just relax, have a mince pie and enjoy your Free Spins. If you haven’t made a deposit with Mr Green in the past year, not to worry, you can still jump onto his ‘nice list’ by simply making a deposit of €25 or more to qualify for the Free Spins in Week 1.
+ How do I get my Free Spins in Week 2?
In order to receive your Free Spins in Week 2, you simply need to deposit €25 or more before the end of week 1. In case you forget to make your deposit before the end of Week 1, don’t worry, you can join in any time in Week 2.
+ How do I get my Free Spins in Week 3,4 & 5?
Week 2,4 & 5 work exactly the same as Week 2. Make your deposit in the preceding Week to join in any time.
+ How can I win an iPhone 6?
Every week, Mr Green will fill 5 stockings with a brand new iPhone 6 in each week’s Cash Drop game on Thursday. Winning yours is super easy:

  • Click here to register your Mr Green User name on our Casino Calendar site
  • Take part in our weekly Cash Drop competitions, from which Mr Green will select five iPhone 6 winners per week


Check out our weekly Cash Drop, Slot Tournament & iPhone 6 winners:

WEEK 1 Ashley S, Mateusz M, Gabriele K, David S, Simone L, Herbert D, Matthias R, Dominik H, Sven B, Joni V, Jari N, Heidi O, Heidi A, Marko K, Kati N, Timo U, Aki S, Mika K, Eetu M, Miika P, Jani H, Mikko J, Mikko P, Pekka M, Alexander G, Chris M, Gabor Z, Richa K, Maria M, Matthew M, Debbie W, Jamel T, Tommy V, Carina V, Lisbeth A, Thor Arild V, Christopher E, Marcin L, Artur S, Antoni B, Andreas L, Alexander P, Nugen A, Mischa R, Eva G, Robin K, Sven-Olov N, Eva-Britta J, Denise N, David N
WEEK 2 Marko K, Antti P, Anne Layla R, Mary D, Christina N, Bjørn Einar S, Arman A, Regina K, Carsten G, Surapong P, Charlotte H, Sebastian C, Piotr P, Svein V, Julia U, Katja A, Jukka P, John Christian S, Mona L, Robert S, Stefan Juergen E, Ingela A, Tomi B, Kerstin K, Vicki R, Topias H, Monja F, Erich F, Jukka Pekka L, Håkon S, Satu M, Mateusz M, Christina P, Kate A S, Klaus K, Edward H, Even B, Ulla B, Tommi H, Benjamin B, Peter F, Juha H, Ingrid P, Pål Andreas W, Sigmund H, Cedrik M, Sabine H, Brigitte H, Joachim T, Rune S
WEEK 3 Glenn E, Mattias S, Eduard D, Andreas R, Romana M, Jonathan D, Chris D, André N, Jere A, Przemyslaw H, Phuc Loc N, Marie G, Martin V, Doris R, Asbjørg A, Aina K, Marko K, Andy B, Michel D, Anniina L, Bernt F, Ronny E, Björn L, Anna M, Konrad D, Mateusz S, Vuokko O, Carl R, Michael M, Freddy J, Kersti N, Edel P, Robert P, Erik S, Peter W, Vlada M, Sara W, Marie S, Bärbel T, Stian K, Helena A, Ingela L, Jenny V, Markus B, Luzia K, Michaela C, Rafal G, Dan , Mikael L, Emil L
WEEK 4 Stefan E, Tom Andre S, Lisette J, Liselotte B, Daniels P, Christopher R, Beata R, Melissa C, Mattias H, Wolfgang S, Teemu K, John C, Durak J, David M, Anne-Britt V, Daniel S, Svein Harald D, Pawel C, Nicole H, Mikael F, Martin S, Linda A, Junior C, Jennie P, Fredrik K, Cecilie K, Carola A, Andreas T, Alex B, Michael B, Kurt H, Henna L, Elfriede L, Dominik F, Oliver R, Ernst Tore N, Einar E, Daniel B, Thomas S, Stuhr C, Silvia W, Senja-Mari P, Nicole P, Morten W, Michael H, Konsta K, Bjørn Allan F, Arto U, Jarle H, Georgie G
WEEK 1 1st: Johan B,  2nd: Mauri S, 3rd: Paavo M, 4th: Oskar B, 5th: Brith P, 6th: Kevin M, 7th: Lena D, 8th: Teemu H
WEEK 2 1st: Inger A, 2nd: Kirsti S, 3rd: Lisa S, 4th: Conny L, 5th: Benjamin B, 6th: Vesa R, 7th: Raf S, 8th: Andre F
WEEK 1 Jamel T, Ashley S, Joni V, Henrik P, Alexander P
WEEK 2 Osei D, Martina C, John Fredrik L, Karen T, Martin K

For more info on Mr Green’s frosty offers, visit our Christmas Campaign Site.

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Go Bananas!

TUESDAY: Swingin’ Free Spins!
Enough monkeying around! This Tuesday, feel like a champ-anzee with up to 200 Free Spins on GO BANANAS.
Get 40 Free Spins when you deposit and play €20.
Get 90 Free Spins when you deposit and play €50.
Get 200 Free Spins when you deposit and play €100+.

THURSDAY: When it rains, it pours CASH!
Hit the Amazon hard with our stunning, TEMPLE QUEST treasure hunt. We’re forecasting heavy Cash Drops of 5 to 250 to rain down on the Playground this Thursday.

WEEKEND: Hammer down your share of 2000.
It’s hammer time this weekend… Jack Hammer time! Take on all corners in our weekend slot tournament on both Jack Hammerand Jack Hammer 2 for a share of 2000.

All of this week’s promotions can be found on Mr Green’s promotions page - Don’t miss out!

The Green Team



Fruit Warp

Yummy…freshly picked Cash Drops have never tasted this good! Whether you want to go bananas with sweet strawberries or win tasty plums, today Mr Green has the grapiest Cash Prizes just for you.

Take a bite of Fruit Warp today and win Cash Prizes from €5 up to 250!

1. Simply Log In to your account
2. Play the Cash Drop slot game Fruit Warp any time during the day today.
3. Mr Green will randomly pick players who have played the Cash Drop game and credit their account with anything from 5 to 250 in REAL Cash!

Life is a bowl of cherries!

The Green Team

Terms and Conditions
• The Cash-Drop bonus is only available on Thursday 13th November 2014
• The Cash-Drop funds will be credited to randomly selected accounts the following day and there is no limit to the number of Cash-Drops given
• The Cash-Drop amount credited into player’s accounts will be a randomly selected amount ranging from €5 to €250
• The Cash-Drop prize is Real Cash and is therefore free of wagering requirements
• General terms and conditions apply


Mr Green Online Casino sponsor Bohs

As part of the sponsorship agreement with Mr Green Online casino, Bohs wear their new green strip for all away games

“Lets do something different!” The first words of many a sponsorship agreement…but they don’t always come to fruition.

12 months ago, when Mr Green Online Casino teamed up with the League of Ireland institution that is Bohemian FC to become principal sponsor for the 2014 season, those same words were uttered. The difference being that both sides meant it!

Stick your name on the jersey, on the hoarding around the pitch and put an ad in the match programme and job done!

Right? Not a chance!

What then?

The Jersey – with the Mr Green logo loud and proud on the front of the home and away jersey. Nothing new there I hear you say….except that a new GREEN away jersey was introduced and worn for all away matches. Why Green….ehh…

Play with Mr Green Casino

Mr Green kicks on with Bohemian FC

Boots for all the player. Nice touch but not exactly revolutionary. It’s like saying we gave that tennis player a tennis racke!!! Well in this instance a GREEN tennis racket…I mean boots….with the Mr Green brand embrioderd on them. And that created quite the PR stir!!

Ground signage. What can you really do here? Quite a lot in fact. For Mr Green we tried to cleverly link the areas we branded with the Casino theme. For example, in the fourth offical dugout we had the message: Red Card? Could be a winner! The team dugouts: Are you a Player? On the pitch hoarding: Play at Home or Away!

 What else? Quite a lot in fact! A Facebook App that allowed fans to get involved and win everything from signed jersey’s and VIP Match Experiences to a chance to Train with the

Team…yes, you heard right….Train with the team. And one lucky fan (along with 5 mates) did just that. Quite the experience for a die hard fan and one that will not be forgotten – especially when it was all captured on video (including those few dodgey touches!).

Mr Green fans getting ready for Bohs training in Dalymount Park

Mr Green fans getting ready for Bohs training in Dalymount Park

There were also casino games in homage to the team, fan prizes (including a trip to Germany to see the Boys in Green in that never to be forgotten game last month), Man of the Match competitions through Social Media and a whole lot more.

And the result? Mr Green has been shortlisted for the Innovation in Sponsorship awards at the 2014 Irish Sponsorship Awards, with the winner announced on Thursday 13th November. It’s nice to be recognised and getting to the final is of course great recognition of all the work that has gone in from everyone to put in place a sponsorship that delivers beyond the jersey! But truthfully…we desperately want to win! That’s what hanging around with one of the most successful teams in League of Ireland history gets you I suppose.

Oh…we nearly forgot….Mr Green is of course returning as sponsor of Boheminan FC in 2015 when they will celebrate 125 years! Go on The Gypsies!


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