Win & Go Loco in Mexico


Fancy winning a fabulous VIP trip for 2 to Mexico?

The Prize:

You and your plus one can trek the southern jungles, snow-capped volcanoes and iconic cactus-dotted deserts of the Yucatan. Chill out at the water’s edge in Cancun, snorkeling the warm Caribbean reefs, or mingle with the natives through one-street pueblos, fiesta fireworks and road-side food stalls in Mexico City.

How you enjoy your Mexican experience is entirely up to you!

How you can WIN:

Play at least 20 spins on Spinata Grande, at a minimum of €0.20 per spin.

For every 20 spins you will receive one entry into the Mexico trip prize draw.

Players can earn a maximum of 50 tickets per day.



This colourful offer will run from Monday 23rd March to Sunday 29th March, 2015.

A Mr Green winner WILL be announced on Wednesday 1st April, 2015.

Best of Luck!

The Green Team


Terms and Conditions:

  • The winning player will receive a €5K travel voucher (valid until 31.08.15), which cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Only registered Mr Green players over the age of eighteen (18) can participate in the Promotion.
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Win a Limited Edition Mr Green Bicycle


Fancy winning a Mr Green bicycle of your very own?

With Mr Green hopping on his bicycle and setting off on a jaunt around some famous locations, we thought, why not give you your very own Mr Green bike? So this spring, to coincide with Mr Green’s Spring Ride, we’re giving you the chance to win one of hundreds of exclusive Mr Green bikes!

Firstly a little background, to provide a framework, on cycling:

Did you know the first bicycle was invented roughly in 1820? The wooden draisine (right)Draisine_Neckarsulm_2,
so named after it’s inventor, the German Baron Karl von Drais, was a far cry from it’s carbon-fiber and titanium descendants. The draisine had no pedals to speak of, instead the rider pushed themselves along with their feet (think The Flintstones family car). Nevertheless, despite it’s bulkiness, the draisine set the wheel in motion for the future of cycling as we know it.

penny farthingJump forward 40 years, and a familiar bicycle design was invented, the penny-farthing (left). This bicycle is instantly recognisable with the rider perched
high above the giant front wheel. The penny-farthing was also known as the ‘ordinary bicycle‘ at the time, as it was the only type widely available. While popular, the design of the bike wasn’t all too user-friendly, it was dangerous cycling on top of such a big wheel. And if one was to fall, it was a long way to the ground.

Throughout the years that followed, many minor changes were made to the bicycle’s design: the front wheel size was reduced, the gear was added to the back wheel, brakes were slowly phased in and pneumatic tyres were invented by Scotsman John Boyd Dunlop in 1888. Slowly the bikes of old evolved in to the familiar form we now recognise.

Nowadays a plethora of bikes can be found, to fulfil a range of activities and terrains the cyclist may find themselves in. Bikes for racing made of carbon fibre that weigh as little as 6kg. Downhill bikes, kitted out with so much suspension, riders can speed down mountainside, breezing over boulders and bracken.

Enough about other bikes, time to talk about Mr Green’s custom wheels:

Drawing from classic, sophisticated design, Mr Green has added some modern flourishes to make his bike not only stylish, but practical too. Ergonomic leather handlebar grips and saddle will keep you comfortable on long country cycles. The tyres are kevlar-lined – that’s the same material used in body armour – so you can be assured that it’s going to be a safe ride!

So how can you get your hands on one of these bikes? It’s simple. If you don’t have a Mr Green account already, create one and you will receive one ticket in the draw for the week you’re account is created. Existing players can earn tickets by opting in each week, depositing and wagering £20 in the week.

Winners are drawn weekly, so keep an eye on the Spring Ride page to see if you’re the lucky winner of your very own Mr Green bike!


Win this Spring!

The Green Team

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Spring Ride – Join a ‘spring bonus’ adventure


This Spring, we’re getting your body… AND your bank balance back in shape before Summer arrives, thanks to Mr Green’s:


Valid: Monday 16th March to Sunday 5th April, 2015

This Spring, Mr Green has planned a 21 day journey, taking in the sights, sounds, smells and Casino bonuses of some very familiar… and some, not so familiar locations.

From the spine-chilling Norwegian downhill ski jump of Holmenkollbakken, Sweden’s Ericsson Globe – the largest hemispherical globe on the planet, the Finnish fortress of Suomenlinna, to Germany’s historical Brandenburg Gate and London’s famous Big Ben and more.

Each day, and each location will hold an amazing Spring Casino Bonus for you to enjoy. Simply follow the instructions on the day and the bonus is yours!

Remember though, if you miss out on a day, there’s no going back to collect that bonus. So keep checking each day.

If you’re new to Casino Bonuses, don’t worry, Mr Green is here to help.

So, what are the kinds of bonuses you can expect to run over… oops, I meant run into during the 21 day Mr Green Spring Ride?


Freespins-ENFirstly, there’s FREE SPINS:

Free Spins are the main staple diet of Casino offers. Mr Green has hundreds of great slot games with terrific payouts, but to play these slot games obviously requires having made a deposit on your account.

Each spin of the slot machines will consume your funds and depending upon the outcome, will either payout winnings in real cash, or not. That’s the gamble, and the reward.

On the other hand, say you wanted to play that slot game first without gambling your own money… well that’s what you get with Free Spins. On specific days during the Spring Ride campaign, when you make a deposit to your account, Mr Green will give you Free Spins to play that game without the risk.


cashdropSecondly, we’ve got CASH DROPS:

Just like a certain wood varnishing brand, a Cash Drop is exactly what it says on the tin… cash prizes dropped into your account!

Mr Green will pick a game on which the Cash Drop will be played. Players will then play that game, qualifying themselves to be potential cash drop recipients.

The total amount of Cash Drop funds will always be stated during the promotion, and normally, the amount given to players will vary from €5 up to €250. Of those players who played the Cash Drop game, a specified number are randomly chosen to receive the Cash. (Total number of players varies, check daily offer for full details)


tournamentThird, TOURNAMENTS are the way to play:

Playing slots is a very solitary way to play. It’s just you and the machine. But what if you could play against others? And what if the top players received Cash Rewards? Now that sounds like fun!

On the weekends, Mr Green loves to pick a game, or selection of games and challenge players to see who can spin the biggest winning amount over 20 consecutive spins. It just adds that extra level of enjoyment to your regular slot gameplay.

You play just as you normally would on your own, but on the left of the screen, you can see how well you’re spinning against others playing the same game as you. Whether you win or lose when playing, if you are in the payout positions of the leaderboard at the end, you WILL automatically be rewarded with a Cash Prize!


prizespinsFourth, get Extra Free Spins in Spring:

Each day that you make a deposit of €20 or more, by simply taking part in the above offers, you’ll also be building up your very own Spring stockpile of Free Spins, or ‘Extra Spring Spins’ as we like to call them.

Use the calculator on the campaign site each day to see how much you’ve gathered so far.

On Monday the 6th April, when Mr Green has completed his 21 day Spring Ride, those Free Spins will be credited to your account, ready to enjoy. Best of all, we’ve picked our unique game – The Marvellous Mr Green – as the bonus spin game of Spring!


200 Limited Edition Mr Green Bicycles:

As an additional bonus this Spring, Mr Green has commissioned the creation of 200 Limited Edition Mr Green Bicycles!

These unisex bicycles are individually hand built in Germany to a classic design that’s both exclusive AND practical. With luxurious leather accessories, double-walled alloy rims, Kevlar-lined anti-puncture tyres and all set in Mr Green’s trademarked Green wrap, this is a bicycle anyone with a taste for the finer things would enjoy!

The bicycles will be given away each week during the campaign, but only to those players who OPT IN on the campaign site each week – so make sure you’ve opted in!

Make sure you’re along for the ride this Spring!

The Green Team

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Ultimate Fan WinnerA huge THANK YOU to everyone who took the time and considerable effort to enter our ULTIMATE BOHS FAN COMPETITION. With over 100 entries and signs of true fan dedication ranging from inventing a Bohs Beer to Bohs Tattoo’s, it was always going to be difficult picking a winner.

But pick one we did and its KEITH MURPHY. Congratulations Sir!

So why Keith? Firstly there’s Gypsy the Dog – a Golden Lab who’s prized possession is his Bohs scarf! There’s the tattoo of the Bohs crest, loud and proud on his lower leg, (Keith’s not the dog!) There’s the 60 Jersey’s, with pictures of Keith in them taken everywhere from New York to Egypt. There’s the set of self designed Bohs t-shirts, the homemade flags (all of which have serious mileage in support of the cause) and most impressively, the more than 100,000 miles that Keith has clocked up the length and breadth of Ireland and Europe in support of the team.

KEITH MURPHY, we take our (Bowler) hat off to you. Your well earned prize….a VIP season ticket for Dalymount (with half time hospitality courtesy of Mr Green), Bohs jersey (number 61 for the collection ), Bohs jacket (a new addition) and a Mr Green goody bag which includes Philips Bluetooth Headphones, Powerbank Charger and Backpack.

Enjoy the prize Keith!

Enjoy the season everyone!

Mr Green
Proud Sponsor of Bohemian FC

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